Group Members

Tenor Singer
Alex Woolard (2006-2008)
Scott Penuel (2008-2011; 20??-present)
Wesley Smith (2011-2014)
Lee Fortune (201?-20??)

Lead Singer
Jason Funderburk (2006-present)

Baritone Singer
Chad Smith (2006-2014)
Chris Powell (201?-present)

Bass Singer
Will Lane (2006-2014)
Danny Brown (201?-20??)
Alan Knight (202?-present)

Driven Quartet (2006-present)


2007 He Will Provide (Custom Records): Sweet Jesus; Are You Ready To Go; I'm Feeling Fine; God Shall Wipe Away All Tears; It's Enough; I Must Tell Jesus; Working On A Building; Land I'm Going To; Plan Of Salvation; He Will Provide (Alex Woolard, Jason Funderburk, Chad Smith, Will Lane).

2009 Driven (Custom Records): Between The Rock And A Hard Place; I'm Pressing On; Let Me Live; Mercy Saw Me; Keep Drinking Water From The Well; Lost And Found; In God We Trust; We Are Your Symphony; I Can Feel My Mountains Move; The Story Of My Life (Scott Penuel, Jason Funderburk, Chad Smith, Will Lane).

2011 Crucified With Christ (Custom Records): Satisfied; Oh What A Savior; Boundless Love; He Touched Me; Marriage Supper; What The Sea Saw; Thanks To Calvary; Crucified With Christ; He Made A Change (Scott Penuel, Jason Funderburk, Chad Smith, Will Lane).

2012 Takin' You There (Custom Records): Revive Us Again; Whiter Than Snow; Can He, Could He, Would He; Who Am I; The Rocks Shall Not Cry Out; Romans 8:28; God Himself The Lamb; Child Of The King; I Would Not Be Surprised; I'll Have A New Life; Ticket To Paradise (Wesley Smith, Jason Funderburk, Chad Smith, Will Lane).

2014 The News Is Out (Custom Records): The News Is Out; The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power; Run On; Wherever I Am; Hand On The Plow; Great Big God; The Deeper The Valley; I Heard About A Man; How Great It Is; If I Didn't Know (Wesley Smith, Jason Funderburk, Chad Smith, Will Lane).

2016 Live (Custom Records): Plan Of Salvation; First Day In Heaven; Hand Of The Plow?; Introductions; He Touched Me; I'm Feeling Fine; The Story Of My Life; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Jesus Loves Me; Through It All; Glory Road; He Set Me Free; I Must Tell Jesus; I'll Fly Away (Lee Fortune, Jason Funderburk, Chris Powell, Danny Brown).

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