Amber Thompson


Amber Nelon Thompson is a third-generation Southern Gospel singer, the daughter of Kelly Nelon and Jerry Thompson and grand-daughter of Rex Nelon. She was still a child when she recorded her first solo project in 2000.

In 2002, Amber officially joined the Nelons full-time, replacing Katy Van Horn (Peach).

In 2012/2013, Amber won the Idol Experience at Walt Disney World, which allowed her to audition for the television talent show, American Idol. She ultimately chose not to pursue what many would consider a dream opportunity after one judge said she would be expected to dress provocatively and sing only secular songs.

Amber has been featured on the Gaither Homecoming video series from childhood to the present day. She is married to former Hoppers member Nathan Kistler.


Singing News Fan Awards
Favorite Young Artist (2014)

Solo Discography

1998 Show & Tell: I Am A C (H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N); Show And Tell; Angels; I'm Gonna Praise The Lord; It's A Miracle; God's Zoo; I'm Just A Child Of The King; Mamma Fixed A Lunch; When I Grow Up; I Am A Promise; The Whale Swallowed Jonah.

2000 Amber Thompson & Friends (Daywind Records/DAY1191D): Jesus Loves Me (by Autumn Thompson?); Little By Little (featuring Madison Easter); Stand (guest appearance by Felicia Dary); Big House; I Gave My Heart To Jesus; I Will Follow Him; The Promised Land; Heart Of A Hero; A Rainbow Lets Me Know; Wonderfully And Carefully Made (featuring Morgan Easter); The Band Aid Song; Amazing Grace

2014 Without Your Love (Daywind Records): What Do You Say; Grateful; Without Your Love; Falling.

2015 Just Sing (Daywind Records/DAY-2763D): Sing Along; He's Making Me; Another Time, Another Place; Be Thou My Vision; What Do You Say; Without Your Love; Grateful; God Is Always Good; Give It To Jesus; Falling
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