The Lore Family


The Lore Family launched in 2009. Group members included Darren and Sandy Lore along with their children Fayth and Samuel who were ages 13 and 12 respectively at the time. Prior to the group, Darren Lore had worked as a pastor and a pharmacist. Their first radio single was "An Absolutely Good Day." A few years later, ďHe Still Bears The ScarsĒ was their first song that appeared in the top twenty of the Singing News radio airplay chart.


2009 An Absolutely Good Day: I'm Rich; As For Me And My House; I Believe God; An Absolutely Good Day; My Best Friend; Sacrifice Of Praise; On Wings Of Faith; When God Ran; I See The Lights.

2010 He's Lifting Me Higher: Come On And Praise Him; Traveling Mercies; A Place Called Grace; He's Lifting Me Higher; Your Love Has Never Failed Me; I'm Gonna Sing; We've Been Given; Tomorrow; I Made It Til Morning; For I Know; We Shall Behold Him.

2011 Unspeakable Joy: Trading A Cross For A Crown; Wait For The Dust To Settle; Unspeakable Joy; That's Where I Stand; Some Bright Tomorrow; The Roadmap; For I Have Learned; My Only Hope; Joy Unspeakable; Look Unto Jesus.

2014 Reflections Volume 1: First Five Years

2014 Mount Testimony: It Shall Be Well; The Only Way Out Is Through; World Of Hurt; I Lived To Tell About It; Because Of Calvary; Jesus Will Come To Where You Are; Joyous News; Trace The Grace; Iíve Never Been This Homesick Before; Mount Testimony/

2016 Generation Now: Share Your Story; Take It To The Cross; Live The Dream; Generation Now; Asking Seeking Knocking; Many Sparrows; Turn; Redeemer; Completely; Not Once Not Ever.

2017 Now & Then Vol. 1 When I Receive My Robe And Crown; Free Indeed; I've Got My Foot On The Rock; He Came To Me; It's Not So Hard To Praise Him; Master Of The Wind; When God's Chariot Comes; Just Any Day Now/We Shall See Jesus; When I Wake Up To Sleep No More/I'll Have A New Life; Until You've Known The Love Of God.

2019 Hidden Blessings (Horizon Records/): Didnít He Promise; That Same Power; His Cross Is Now Empty; In His Presence; The Rock That Never Ages; Hidden Blessings; Iíve Got A Really Good Feeling; You Can Trust Him With Your Pain; Ready To Know; Keep Praying; The Blood Flows From Calvary Still.

2021 Chronicles (2-disc collection compiling the first four albums by the Lore Family: An Absolutely Good Day; He's Lifting Me Higher; Unspeakable Joy; and Reflections Volume 1: First Five Years).

2022 The World Needs A Song

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