The Kramers

Group Members

D Scott Kramer
Rachel West Kramer
Maria Kramer Wolfe
Ben Wolfe

The Kramers


The Kramers are a family group consisting of D. Scott Kramer, his wife Rachel West Kramer, their daughter Maria Kramer Wolfe, and their son-in-law Ben Wolfe.


20?? Revive Us Again: Revive Us Again; I Stand Amazed In The Presence; Sweet Sweet Spirit; Because He Lives; I Go To The Rock; Who Am I (with Tanya Goodman Sykes); Iíve Got Good News Everybody; More Than Ever; Twenty-Four Hours A Day; Look For Me; I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary. (Scott, Rachel, Maria).

2020 The Hope Of All Tomorrows (StowTown Records): Greater God; Water Walker; All The Way To The Gates; Priceless Praise; Itís A Good Life; Pray Til Something Happens In Me; Be Christ; The Hope Of All Tomorrows; Great Beyond Measure. (Scott, Rachel, Maria, Ben).

2021 Christmas (StowTown Records): (Scott, Rachel, Maria, Ben).

2022 Sing Me There (StowTown Records): (Scott, Rachel, Maria, Ben).
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