Group Members

Son Kelly (????-????)
Jon Kelly (????-????)
Paul Walters (????-????)
Bobby Phillips (????-????)
Virgil Morris (????-????)
Brent Franklin (????-????)

The Kellys (????-????)


1995 A Portrait (Oasis Productions/012): Iím In Love With Jesus; Donít Let Your Left Hand Know; With The Blood; Hallelujah Band; Jesus, Godís Only Son; Living Water; What A Glad Day; The Middle Cross; We Came In One Accord; Sticks And Stones. (Son Kelly, Jon Kelly, Paul Walters; Bobby Phillips, Virgil Morris, Brent Franklin).

2004 Headed Up! (Oasis Records/031): Can You Point In The Right Direction; Beyond The Sunset; He's Alive; We Need Jesus; Somebody Touched Me; Anchored In The Rock; Take A Ride To The Sky; Someday We'll Know; Outside The Gate; It's Going To Be A Beautiful Day.

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