"Heaven Is My Home" (Baxter/Swilling/Stamps Baxter Music/ASCAP)

  • Cathedral Quartet (1974 Our Statue of Liberty; 1990 The Collector’s Series; 1999 21 Favorite Hymns and Songs of the Church)
  • Chuck Wagon Gang (1947 on 78 single; 1948 on 78 single; 1967 Songs of Faith And Glory; 1989 Memories Made New Volume 2; 1999 Gospel Classics Hall Of Fame Series Volume 1; 2002 America’s Popular Family Quartet; 2003 Higher-1940 Dallas Session)
  • Dixie Melody Boys (1992 Sing The Old Time Way; 2005 Historic Journey Volume 7)
  • Gospel Rhythm-Aires (197? Heaven Is My Home)
  • Hoppers (1975 Lord Help Me Bury The Hatchet)
  • Marksmen (1978 Salvation Has Been Brought Down)
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