Gary McSpadden (January 26, 1943 - April 15, 2020)


Gary McSpadden had a long and successful career as a lead and baritone singer. He sang baritone for the Oak Ridge Boys for a couple of years in the 1960s before joining Jake Hess & The Imperials when that group was formed in 1964. He remained with the Imperials until 1967.

McSpadden joined the Bill Gaither Trio in 1977 replacing Danny Gaither who had left for health reasons. The Gaither Vocal Band was formed in 1980 with McSpadden as the groups first lead singer. In 1985, McSpadden shifted from lead to baritone at the same time Bill Gaither shifted from baritone to bass, making way for the GVBs new lead singer Michael English. McSpadden remained with the GVB until 1988 when Mark Lowry joined the group.

Other highlights of McSpaddens career include filling in for Jake Hess with the Statesmen, hosting The PTL Club, creating a line of devotional recordings called Drive Time Devotions for Tyndale House Publishers, and operating his own group called Gary McSpadden & Chosen. McSpadden also served as a pastor of a church in Fort Worth, Texas for 13 years and later at Faith & Wisdom Church in Branson, Missouri with his wife Carol.

Solo Discography

1965 Gary McSpadden (Zondervan/Singcord ZLP 796): You Can Have a Song In Your Heart; In Times Like These; The Plan of Salvation; Above All Else; God Keep On Loving You; Jesus and Me; Sweet Love of Jesus; It's Not an Easy Road; My Secret Place; Love, Love, Love.

19?? Hallelujah Maranatha (Rainbow)

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1966 How Green Is Your Valley (Sing Records/MFLP-9051): Lonely Road; Without Him; Pathway To The Sky; That's How I Know; Little Things Mean A Lot; I Love You (Mom And Dad); Plan Of Salvation; Without Love; Just A Closer Walk; How Green Is Your Valley; When I Shake Your Hand; For Thy Will I Pray.

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1979 Higher Purpose (Paragon Records/PC-33054): Praise Him, Raise Him; Filled To Overflowing; All The Way Home; You Can Depend On Me; Medley: I'm Saved/Amazing Grace/If You Want Joy; Tell Me His Story; Sunshine And Rain; Lord, How Did It Feel; I've Been Changed; Ain't No Way; Then The Wind Blew (Also released on McSpadden Group in 1979 with the same title).

19?? (probably 1979 or 1980) Unique (Rainbow R-5039-LPS): He's Coming Back; Whatever It Takes; Rise Again; Give Them All to Jesus; Between the Cross and Heaven; Don't You Think It Gets Sweeter; It's My Desire; All In the Name of Jesus; Tell Me His Story.

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1981 It Was Enough (McSpadden Group/33102): He Is The King; I Am; Imagine; In This Very Room; He Gave Me Music; We Teach The Children; It Was Enough; Jesus Is The Rock; There Is A Light.

1984 Separate Journeys (Paragon PR 33121): Oh Hosannah; Count The Cost; He Is Risen; Then Will The Very Rocks Cry Out; Warriors; This Matter Of Righteousness; Never Be The Same Again (Michelle's Song); Living Water; He Is Messiah; Separate Journeys.

1986 Timeless (Ariose)

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1986 One Song, One Voice (Word Music/7-01-0008033-7): One Song, One Voice; We Exalt You; The Perfect Rose; Mighty God; He Shall Be Praised; You Gotta Be Born Again; The Ship Sails On; It's All In Who You Know; Sinner Saved By Grace; Jesus, Lord To Me.

1987 The Best of Gary McSpadden (Greentree-Benson 8441-824324): Jesus the King; Living Waters; In This Very Room; Teach the Children; Never Be the Same Again; Michelle's Song; It Was Enough; Then Will the Very Rocks Cry Out; He Is Risen; I Am; Praise Him, Raise Him.

1989 Hymns From the Heart (Maxxum Music): How Great Thou Art; Old Rugged Cross; Amazing Grace; Holy, Holy, Holy; Great Is Thy Faithfulness; God Bless America; Blessed Assurance; In the Garden; His Eye Is On the Sparrow; Sweet Hour of Prayer; It Is Well With My Soul; The Lord's Prayer. From My Soul.

1990 From My Soul (McSpadden Group/790136300CD): Reverence His Holy Name; Come Boldly To The Throne; Hallelujah, Praise The Lamb; From My Soul; All Is Well; Never Changing Father; How Awesome You Must Be; I Am God; Mending Broken People; I Will Give You Glory.

1990 All Time Favorites (McSpadden Group): This Ole House; Peace In The Valley; He Touched Me; Rise Again; It's My Desire; Sweet, Sweet, Spirit; All In The Name Of Jesus; Amen; Joy Comes In The Morning; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; One Day At A Time; I Love You (Mom And Dad); Alleluia.

1993 Highest Praise (McSpadden Group):

1999 Back Home Again (MAXX Music): Ready For A Blessing; Ready For A Blessing (Reprise); Beulah Land; Jesus I Believe What You Said; The Old Gospel Ship; Crucified; I Wish You Were Here; The Plan Of Salvation; There Is A River; You Gotta Be Born Again; Bring It All To Him.

2000 Southern Gospel Classics (McSpadden Group).

2001 Familiar Places (Landmark).

2001 Drive Time Devotions Vol. 1 (spoken word) (Tyndale House, Word-Curb WD2-886290): Intro; Sports Car; Bring On the Good Stuff; Virtue of Patience; Titanic Hero; His Purpose; See the Light; Pure Heart; Taking Care of Business; Finding What Is Really Important; I Need Help Today; Misunderstood Parents; Long Commute; How About a Free Lunch; No Rescue From the Roof; Learning What Really Counts; Eternal Weights and Balances; I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up; I'm Glad I Have Today; Child of God; Top of the Mountain; Close.

2002 Simply The Best Of Gary McSpadden (McSpadden Group): He Is The King; We Teach The Children; Never Be The Same Again; Living Water; In This Very Room; Sunshine And Rain; I Am; Then Will The Very Rocks Cry Out; It Was Enough; Imagine; Praise Him, Raise Him; Tell Me His Story; All The Way Back Home; Medley - Im Saved, Amazing Grace, If You Want Joy; And Then The Wind Blew; Oh Hosanna; He Is Risen; This Matter Of Righteousness; He Is Messiah; Separate Journeys.

2002 Great Hymns & Gospel Songs (Gary McSpadden): How Great Thou Art; Great Is Thy Faithfulness; His Eye Is On The Sparrow; Blessed Assurance; Amazing Grace; He Touched Me; Rise Again; Peace In The Valley; It Is Well; Holy, Holy, Holy; Alleluia; The Old Rugged Cross; One Day At A Time; This Old House; Joy Comes In The Morning; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; In The Garden; The Lord's Prayer; Sweet Hour Of Prayer; God Bless America; Amen.

2002 Drive Time Devotions Vol. 2 (spoken word) (Tyndale House): Intro; Hate to Wait?; Angels All Around Us; Going Against the Odds; Don't Quit Too Soon; Learning By Falling; Pray, Pray, Pray!; Worry...Public Enemy #1; Making Tough Decisions; How Much Is Enough; Leap of Faith; Too Big to Handle; 3 Strikes and Disappointment; Don't Look Back; I Am What I Think; The Master's Touch; I Can't Take It Anymore; Conversation With God; Who Is the Real Me?; Honesty Is the Only Policy; Rejected; Outro.

2003 Drive Time Devotions for the Christmas Holidays (Word-Curb WD2-886291): Intro; The 11th Box; The Angel Tree; The Meaning of Peace; The Good Shepherd; The Candy Cane; Christmas Is for Love; The Birthday Letter; No Hands But Mine; What Will You Find At Christmas; Silent Night; Try Something New; Pattern of Love; Unto the Least of These; This Jesus; Two Babes In a Manger; Plenty of Love; Homeless for the Holidays; Don't Miss That Sunset; Just Forget It; Constant Change; Close.

2004 Drive Time Devotions Vol. 3 (spoken word) (Tyndale House): Intro; Learning to Get Back Up; Not Afraid to Try; No More Burdens; The Power of Praying; An Unselfish Risk; The Combination to the Treasure; Hate to Wait?; Angels All Around Us; Going Against the Odds; Making Tough Decisions; Learning By Falling; His Will Not Mine; Prayers Heard Through the Ceiling; Breaking Down Barriers; More Stuff, Less Time; Tough Love; Setting Goals; The Tradition of Pretending; Focusing On Others; Give Your Dreams Legs to Run; Closing.

2007 Thank You (Gary McSpadden).

Songwriter's Rsum

(Partial list)

All Things Are Possible
Bring It All To Him
Dirty Deal
Don't Play With The Devil
Glorious Morning
Hallelujah Praise The Lamb
I Wish You Were Here
Jesus Is Lord To Me
Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know
Look Up
No Other Name But Jesus
Oh Hosannah
One By One
Ready For A Blessing
Think On The Good Things
We'll Stand Together
Who Put The Color In The Rose
You Gotta Be Born Again

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