Matt Throgmorton (????-????)

Jason Kinsey (????-????)

Glenn Green (????-????)

Jamie Kinsey (????-????)

Van Cott (????-????)

Bass Guitar
Dusty Shivers (????-????)

Kenny Taylor (????-????)

Florida Melody Boys (????-????)

The Florida Melody Boys were owned by brothers Jamie and Jason Kinsey. The group initially had a live band but later sang with tracks and piano.


Singing News Fan Awards Horizon Group (1998)


???? On The Horizon: When Jesus Comes; The Lighthouse; When I Wake Up; Child Of The King; I'll Put On A Crown; I'll Leave It All; Outside The Gate; The Last Time Zion Sails; I Stand Upon The Rock Of Ages; Victory In Jesus.

???? Shoutin' Time: Far Above The Starry Skies; Shoutin' Time; I'm Going To A City; When My Knees Touch Gold; I Mean To Be There; I'll Be With You All The Way; I Want To See Jesus; I Made A Covenant; No Power Can Stop This Army; I'm Going To Heaven.

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