Group Members

Billy Hodges

Josh Garner

Randy Shelnut Jr

Gene McDonald

Stewart Varnado

Five Broke Single Boys (2001-2004)


From October 2001 to February 2004, there was a scrap-iron quartet called the Five Broke Single Boys. The group included the single members of the Dixie Echoes and the Florida Boys at that time. Gene McDonald sang bass, Randy Shelnut Jr sang baritone, Josh Garner sang lead, Billy Hodges sang tenor, and Stewart Varnado was the pianist. The group recorded one self-titled recording with proceeds from the sales donated to the Southern Gospel Music Association.


???? Five Broke Single Boys (Southern Gospel Music Association/): Boundless Love; What A Lovely Name; First Day In Heaven; What A Day That Will Be; Walking The Sea; Victory Road; In The Sweet Forever; When Jesus Comes; The Lighthouse; Everybody Will Be Happy Over There (Gene McDonald, Scoot Shelnut, Josh Garner, Billy Hodges, Stewart Varnado).

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