Carolina Boys (2009)

Group Members

Phillip Masters (2009-2012)
Patrick Campbell (2012-2017)
Mark Wyatt (2017-present)

Chuck Lowe (2009-present)

Joe Trusty (2009-2014)
Toby Fricks (2014-present)

Stephen Jewell (2009-2023)

Carolina Boys (????-????; 2002-2004; 2009-Present)

The first incarnation of the Carolina Boys was a regional group based in North Carolina.

In 2002 after the death of Eldridge Fox, the Kingsmen Quartet name was retired and ownership of the Kingsmen name was transferred to Charles Burke. Most of the former Kingsmen members regrouped as the Carolina Boys under the management of bass singer Ray Dean Reese. In April and May of 2003, the Carolina Boys song "God Sits On High" held the number one position on the Singing News airplay chart. In 2004, Charles Burke transferred ownership of the Kingsmen name to Ray Dean Reese, and the Carolina Boys name was once again dormant.

Meanwhile, a group using the name Total Praise Quartet had been operating since 1998. In 2009, they adopted the Carolina Boys name with the blessing of Ray Dean Reese.


(See Kingsmen2000s for a list of albums recorded in 2002-2004.)

Keep On Walking (as Total Praise Quartet) (Eddie Crook): Keep Walking; Behold The King Of Kings; This Ole House; He's Like No Other Friend I Know; Oh What A Savior; Following In His Footsteps; I've Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart; Little David; Somebody Loves Me; We Shall See Jesus; Anchor Of Hope.

House Of Prayer (as Total Praise Quartet) (Eddie Crook): It's Gonna Be A Good Day; Say A Prayer; When I Start To Pray; When God Moves; If I'd Been There; This Side Of The Cross; House Of Prayer; What A Glad Homecoming; I Want To Be More Like Jesus; Savior, Don't Ever Let Go; The Star-Spangled Banner (Total Praise Quartet title).

2010 Free: At Sunrise; God Said; I'm Gonna Move; My Past Has Passed; Count Me In; Lead Me, Guide Me; New Grace; Feel It's Real; Thank God I Am Free; Ten Thousand Years. (Phillip Masters, Chuck Lowe, Joe Trusty, Stephen Jewell).\\
2010 Quartet Christmas: He Started The Whole World Singing A Song; Quartet Christmas; Strange Way To Save The World; Come, Let Us Adore; Wonderful News; I Have Seen The Light; New Kid In Town; Repeat The Sounding Joy; Your Presence For Christmas; Christmas Medley (Phillip Masters, Chuck Lowe, Joe Trusty, Stephen Jewell).

2012 Truly Blessed (Skyland Records/SK14232): I Am Blessed; I Want To Die Living; One More Goliath; I Can Find My Way Home From Here; Another Chance For God To Move; That's Where I'm Gonna Be; He's All I Need; I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen; The Sacrifice; Tell Me The Story Again; Sweet Beulah Land (Phillip Masters, Chuck Lowe, Joe Trusty, Stephen Jewell).

2014 Watch And Pray: Livin' Like I'm Leavin'; Someday; I Know Where I Stand; Watch And Pray; The Cross Still Stands; That's How I Got Saved; We Shall Rise; I Can Take You To The Place; I Still Love To Tell The Story; There Is A Fountain; Grace Will Be There (Patrick Campbell, Chuck Lowe, Joe Trusty, Stephen Jewell).

2016 Classics: Glory Road; I've Never Been This Homesick Before; Hide Thou Me; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; I Wanna Know; Redemption Draweth Nigh; Thank God, I Am Free; I've Got To Walk That Lonesome Road; Child, Child; Ten Thousand Years; When I Get Carried Away; Master Of The Sea; Sinner Saved By Grace (Patrick Campbell, Chuck Lowe, Toby Fricks, Stephen Jewell).

2016 Faith In A Great God (Skyland Records/CBFGCD) : For Every Goliath; God Made A Way; By A Show Of Hands; Treasures In Heaven; He Still Moves Mountains For Me; Faith In A Great God; Blood Of Jesus; I Cried Out; I Didn't See Him Rise; When They Had Prayed; God Shed His Grace On Me; Walk With Me (Patrick Campbell, Chuck Lowe, Toby Fricks, Stephen Jewell).

2019 Take A Stand: Iím Traveling On; What Youíre Going To Do; The Hand of the Lord; One Step At A Time; Claim the Promises; Take A Stand; Let It Be The Cross; They Never Were The Same; To Save My Life; Dig A Well; Somebody Somewhere; Youíve Already Forgotten; Faith Works (Mark Wyatt, Chuck Lowe, Toby Fricks, Stephen Jewell).


Singing News Fan Awards
(2015 New Traditional Quartet (Tied with Freedom Quartet))

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