Sally and Frank Stamps

Mary Naomi "Sally" Marks Stamps (October 3, 1913 - March 8, 2002)

Mary Naomi Marks was born in Fort Myers, Florida, the daughter of Rev. Isaac Henry Marks and Ruth Virginia Williams Marks. Most of her childhood was spent in Florida. Growing up in church as the daughter of a preacher, she learned to play piano at a young age. It was said that she had the ability to pick out tunes on the keyboard by the age of six.

It was when her father began preaching in Fort Worth, Texas that she met Frank Stamps. They kept in contact by mail after her family returned to Florida. Frank's proposal of marriage ultimately came by way of a letter. They were married in 1931. It was Frank who nicknamed her "Sally," and the name stuck.

When Frank's brother V O Stamps passed away, the couple relocated to Dallas, Texas. During the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, Sally was known for working in the Stamps company offices. One of her duties included securing boarding arrangement for the 1000+ students who attended the Stamps school each summer. Some of those students included individuals who went on to become household names in gospel music in later years; names like Glen Payne, Henry Slaughter, Joe Roper and Hovie Lister.

Sally also taught in the school and performed with some of the Stamps quartets including her husband's groups, particularly during the World War II years.

After Frank Stamps passed away in 1965, the Stamps school was sold to James Blackwood and J D Sumner. The Dallas printing operation was ultimately closed.

In 1994, Sally Stamps was recognized as a "Living Legend" in Gospel music at a Stamps School Of Music Reunion promoted by Charlie Waller.

Sally passed away on her 71st wedding anniversary, March 8, 2002.

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