Russell Mauldin

Russell Mauldin has worked as an arranger, orchestrater, and session musician. He is the brother of music arranger Steve Mauldin and the son of songwriter Horace Mauldin. The brothers began their respective careers singing with their family group, The Mauldin Family.

In 1986, Mauldin relocated from Greenville, South Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee, following in the footsteps of his brother Steve who had moved there five years earlier. He soon partnered with Dave Clark to write a musical that they sold to Brentwood Music, then a relatively new company. This led to more opportunities arranging choral music for the church. Mauldin's choral music has been published by Brentwood (later Brentwood-Benson), Word, Prism, LifeWay Worship, Daywind Worship, and others. He is known for arranging music that is accessible for smaller church choirs. His Ready-To-Sing series is the best-selling choral series of all time.

Mauldin has worked with Southern Gospel groups directly. He has credits on recordings by the Gaither Vocal Band and others.

Mauldin is also a licensed counselor.

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

He Could Have Answered With My Name
Just A Little South Of Heaven

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