Roy Carter


Roy Carter sang bass for the Chuck Wagon Gang from 1954-1968, switched to tenor from 1968-1070, then switched back to singing bass from 1971-1990. He also wrote/co-wrote (with Shirley Carter) many songs for the group over the years.

Carter served in the Navy near the end of WWII and was ultimately discharged in February of 1946. In 1947, he majored in Bible and Education at Abilene Christian College using his G.I. Bill supplement of $90 per month to pay expenses. Carter completed his double major in three years. After trying his hand at preaching, teaching, and selling insurance, he moved back home to Texas to sing bass with his family’s group, the Chuck Wagon Gang, who had just started actively touring after 15 years singing almost exclusively on radio.

After five years on the road, Roy Carter took a break from the Gang to sell school supplies for Weber-Costello. The group itself entered a period of semi-retirement at this time, though they continued to record. Roy returned to the group for a few years, then came off the road again to try his hand at teaching once more and focus his attention on earning his Master’s degree. As before, the group reduced its touring schedule and ultimately ceased to tour after Anna Carter married former Louisiana governor Jimmie Davis in 1968.

In the 1970s, Roy Carter reorganized the Chuck Wagon Gang with his sisters Ruth Ellen and Bettye. Ronnie Page and Pat McKeehan alternated on the fourth part and Anna Carter Davis sometimes sang in place of Ruth Ellen when her schedule permitted. At first, they only sang on a summer schedule to allow Roy to continue teaching.

Once the group stabilized with McKeehan and Ruth Ellen around 1977, Roy Carter began making plans to return to full-time touring. In 1987, he retired from teaching and realized his dream of touring full-time once again. He continued to sing with the Chuck Wagon Gang for the next ten years until his death in 1997.


Singing News Fan Awards:
Templeton/Norcross Award (1989)

SGMA Hall Of Fame (2011)

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

Come Out Of The Night
Happy And Free
Hear The Gospel Story And Believe
I Can Do So Little Lord
I'll Never More Stray
I Was Not There
In The Service Of The King
My Wonderful God
That We Might Know
The Great Day
There'll Be Joy
We're Gonna Rise Up And Meet Him
You Can Depend On Him

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