Group Members

Ernie Haase (2000-2003)

Jake Hess (2000-2003)
Ben Speer (Occasionally)

Wesley Pritchard (2000-2003)

George Younce (2000-2003)
Mike Allen (Occasionally)
Christian Davis (Occasionally)

Garry Jones (2000-2003)

Old Friends Quartet (2000-2003)


The Old Friends Quartet united gospel music legends Jake Hess (Statesmen, Imperials, Masters V) and George Younce (Blue Ridge Quartet, Weatherfords, Cathedrals) with younger singers Ernie Haase (Cathedrals) and Wesley Pritchard. Pianist Garry Jones (Gold City, Mercyís Mark) also traveled with the group. The groupís first CD titled Encore released in 2000. A video by the same title was also released, and a second CD, Feeliní Fine, came out in 2003.

During the groupís short history, their touring schedule was very limited due to the health of Younce and Hess. The Old Friends Quartet mostly appeared at large events like the National Quartet Convention and at select dates on the Gaither Homecoming Tour. Mike Allen and Christian Davis filled in for Younce and Ben Speer filled in for Hess when health issues prevented Younce or Hess from appearing at a scheduled date.


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