Naomi Sego Reader

Naomi Sego Reader (1931 - November 3, 2017)


Naomi Easters was born in Enigma, Georgia. She first met James Sego when the Sego family visited her home town of Enigma around 1948. They were married the following year, and soon Naomi began singing with her husband and his brothers.

She became a permanent member of the group in 1958 when the group name was changed to the Sego Brothers And Naomi. Two of their most popular songs featuring Naomi are "Sorry, I Never Knew You" and "Is My Lord Satisfied With Me?"

After James Sego passed away in 1979, the group continued with Naomi as the center attraction. She remarried in 1983, and her husband Vern Reader joined her on stage. The group name was shortened to The Segos And Naomi, then eventually reversed to Naomi And The Segos. After her second husband Vern passed away 1998, Naomi continued to travel in a mixed trio format until 2007.

Naomi's health began to decline in 2017, and she passed away on November 3 of that same year.


SGMA Hall Of Fame (2001)

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