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M.Mid South Boys

Mid South Boys (1970 - Present)


The Mid South Boys formed in 1970.


197? Better Than Ever (Scenicland Records/891077):

1976 Dedicated To Mom And Dad, Hymns Vol.2 (Pyramid Records/1813): The Old Rugged Cross; Haven Of Rest; Without Him; Love Lifted Me; A Beautiful Life; How Long Has It Been; How Great Thou Art; Showers Of Blessing; I'll Have A New Life; Farther Along.

1980 Solid As A Rock (Custom Records).

1985 Boys Will Be Boys (Harvest Records HAR-1029): Guilty Of Loving Me; Out Of The Grave; Enter In; To Go To Heaven; I'll Be Singing There; Then We'll Be Gone; God Still Works Miracles; Land Of The Free; What A Meeting; Camping In Canaanland.

1986 Christian Country Hearts (Harvest Records HAR-1056): Freedom; Love Found A Way; He Didn't Carry Me This Far; Pray For Your Brother; Holding To The Promises; You Did It Again; Best Friend; Once And For All; I Wanna Hear That Trumpet Sound; That's My Child.

1987 City Lights (Morningstar Records MST-1078): City Lights; Promise Land; We'll Be Crossing; My Hero; Home For Christmas; Tell It Again; I Stand Crucified; Lay It On The Altar; Stand For You; Who Did The Changin'.

1988 One Of A Kind (Morningstar Records MSC-4090): Resting Place; I Want To Make A Difference; Child Come Home; One Of A Kind; Handle With Prayer; Let Me Be A Witness; A Different Kind Of Love; He Did It All For Me; Satisfied; One Lost Sheep.

1989 Down To Earth (The New Canaan Records 7019982638): Broken Chains; Matter Of Time; Down To Earth; Sin Met Grace; Bring A Little Heaven; He Didn't Lift Me Up To Let Me Down; Don't Give In; Now You See Me; Back To The Basics; He Delivers.

1991 Shoulder To Shoulder Tabernacle; Take Him At His Word; Folks Like Us; Heart Collector; Rest Assured; I Can't Help Myself; Walking In Step; My Father Knows Best; Go Tell The People; It's Only The First Time.

1992 Lessons Of Life You Were At The End Of Every Road; Wrong Side Of The Tracks; If You Had Only Seen Me Then; Somewhere Every River Has A Bridge; We'll Go To The Well; Only Bible; Learn To Give; If I'd Known Then What I Know Now; Who Their Heroes Are; Must Be Love; I Wasn't Meant To Live My Life Alone.

1994 Give What It Takes You Can't Walk This Road Alone; Without You I Haven't Got A Prayer; Give What It Takes; First Love; That's What Love Can Do; Love Will Have It's Way; Here With You; Treasure Of My Heart; Love Comes Through; Far And Away; Long Walk Home.

1996 Midsouth Fall Reaching; Above And Beyond; She Knows; Across The Miles; Heaven Is Smiling; Love Still Does; Puttin' The Ax To The Root Of My Troubles; I Wouldn't Trade The World; Back In My Hometown.

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