Group Members

Vernon Klaudt (????-????)
Melvin Klaudt (????-????)
Raymond Klaudt (????-????)
Kenneth Klaudt (????-????)
Betty Klaudt (????-????)
Lillian Klaudt (????-????)
Kim Klaudt (????-????)
Margie Klaudt (????-????)
Michael Klaudt (????-????)
Melody Klaudt (????-????)

L L Simmons (????-????)
Tommy Watwood (197?-197?)
Tony Brown (????-????)
Mack Evans (????-????)

Klaudt Indian Family (????-????)


Reverend Reinhold Klaudt was of German ancestry. He married Lillian White Corn Little Soldier of the Arickara-Mandan Indian tribe who was born at the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota.

Desiring to educate their children at the Church Of God Bible Training School in Cleveland, Tennessee, they moved there from North Dakota. Their children included Vernon, Melvin, Raymond, Ken, and Ramona.

Vernon, Ramona, and Melvin joined their parents on stage initially, and the other children soon became involved as well. Reinhold eventually stopped performing to focus on managing the group. After the children had completed school, they moved their base to Atlanta, Georgia.

The group was known for playing a wide variety of instruments during their programs. These ranged from brass instruments to guitar, piano and accordion. The wide array of instruments combined with their Indian heritage displayed in their attire on stage set them apart from other gospel groups. They were very popular on Wally Fowler All Night Sings. They were also frequently seen on television via Bob Poole's Gospel Favorites.

As the children married, some of their spouses also joined the group. It was strictly a family group except the piano position was typically held by a non-family member. Tony Brown and Mack Evans are two men who played piano for the Klaudts.

After Lillian and Reinhold Klaudt both passed away in 2001, their children created the Klaudt Memorial Foundation to provide scholarships to Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.


1963 Whispering Hope (Family Tone Records/903): God Is God; Lead Me Gently Home; Jesus The Waymaker; Oh What A Friend; I Cannot Fail The Lord; Sweeter As The Days Go By; Whispering Hope; Child Of The King; Everlasting Life; Lord Give Me A Vision; Mamma Sang A Song; When The Saints Go Marching In. (Vernon Klaudt, Melvin Klaudt, Raymond Klaudt, Kenneth Klaudt, Betty Klaudt).

1967 At The End Of The Trail (Family Tone Records/904): This Old House; Until Then; How Long Has It Been; No One But Jesus Knows; Beyond The Sunset; At The End Of The Trail; Iíve Been With Jesus; Where No One Stands Alone; Inside The Gate; Peace In The Valley; Shady Green Pastures; Then I Met The Master. (Vernon Klaudt, Melvin Klaudt, Raymond Klaudt, Kenneth Klaudt, Betty Klaudt, Kim Vernon Klaudt, Margie Klaudt, Michael Klaudt, Melody Klaudt).

1967 Klaudt Indian Family (Family Tone Records/905): Goodbye World Goodbye; I Surrender All; What A Friend; I'll Tell It; His Name Is Wonderful; I Need Thee Every Hour; Footprints Of Jesus; Win The Lost; Hope For The Hopeless; He Hideth My Soul; The King And I; Not My Will.

1968 The Highest Hill (Family Tone Records/906): The Highest Hill; Sheep Oh Sheep; He's Everywhere; Meeting In The Air; Side By Side; Near The Cross; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; I Sure Do Love The Lord; I've Got A Right; Amazing Grace; O My Heart Is Rejoicing; Consume Me.

1968 Where He Leads Me (Family Tone Records/907): Child Of The King; If I Can Help Somebody; Honey In The Rock; Ship Ahoy; Where He Leads Me; Teach Me Lord To Wait; No More; He Knows How Much We Can Bear; Joy Unspeakable; His Hand In Mine; It's So Wonderful; When The Lord Comes A Knockin'.

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