J A McClung

John Alexander "J A" McClung (January 1, 1891 - July 23, 1942)


John Alexander McClung was born in Talihina, Oklahoma, the son of Frank and Lusenda McClung. He began to pursue a singing career at the age of 13. In 1927, McClung married Minnie G. Cunningham. They would have six children.

J A McClung is best remembered as a songwriter and singer who performed with the Hartford Quartet. He worked as a music instructor for Hartford Music Company & Institute and eventually became the owner of Hartford. McClung also served as president of the Sebastian County Arkansas Singing Convention for several years. McClung’s wife, Minnie, sang in a ladies quartet and also taught at the Hartford Institute.

McClung wrote more than 300 songs. He is best remembered for a song he wrote shortly before his death in 1942, a song that became a quartet standard, “Just A Rose Will Do.”

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

I’d Like To Talk It Over With Him
Just A Rose Will Do
Standing Outside


GMA Hall Of Fame (1992)
SGMA Hall Of Fame (2003)

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