Jim "Big Jim" Stewart (October 28, 1936 - February 14, 2017)


Jim Stewart’s singing career began when he was seven years old. He sang “What A Beautiful Life” at his church in Clifton, South Carolina. Jim's father, Eddie Stewart, was also a gospel singer who sang for twenty-seven years with the original Smith Quartet and later with the Singing Hill Family.

At the age of fifteen, Jim sang with the Silvertones Quartet. In 1952, he joined the Melody Masters Quartet which included Joe and Ronnie Sproles, Miles Cooper, and Acton McLelan. In 1959, Jim sang briefly with Ed Sprouse, Kenny Gates, and Elmo Fagg in the Blue Ridge Quartet. He also sang briefly in the Calvary Quartet with Pierce Bull and Johnny and Alberta Lark.

Jim Stewart has spent most of his career singing bass with the Pine Ridge Boys. The group was formed on June 15, 1963 with Jim singing bass, Darius Shuford on the piano, Wayne Shuford at tenor, Miles Cooper singing lead, and Charles Burke singing baritone. Jim remained with the Pine Ridge Boys for more than 45 years, ultimately turning the management duties over to his son, former Singing Americans bass singer, Larry Stewart.


Jim Stewart received the Living Legend Award in 2003 at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion.

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