James Vaughan "Jim" Hill (November 2, 1930 - January 9, 2018)


Jim Hill was from Portsmith, Ohio and had a background in opera. He cut his teeth in his early years singing with Harold Patrick and John Conley in a group called the Campmeeting Boys. This group added a bass singer and changed their name to The Golden Keys in 1947. They ultimately became known by a longer designation, Jim Hill And The Golden Keys Quartet. The group was not full-time, but they were considered to be a top-notch weekend group.

In 1955, Hill's song "What A Day That Will Be" was presented for the first time by the Golden Keys, but the Homeland Harmony Quartet was the first group to record the song that same year. Over the years, the song became a classic and is now found in many modern hymnbooks.

Hill left the Golden Keys to sing tenor full-time with The Stamps Quartet in 1963. He remained through the transition when J D Sumner began singing bass. In 1968, Hill left the Stamps to join the Statesmen where he sang lead from 1968-1971.

In later years, Hill was frequently seen on the Gaither Homecoming Series as well as other reunion events. Hill passed away on January 9, 2018, at the age of 87.


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Hold On
No One Cared So Much
What A Day

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