Jay Simmons And The Expressions (1974?)

Jay Simmons And The Expressions was a short-lived group fronted by bass singer Jay Simmons who sang previously with the Harvesters, Prophets, and Plainsmen. Other members of the Expressions included Harold Bean, Faye Linthicum, and James Hawke.


1974 What If Jesus Had Said (Trail RecordsTSRC-745342) What If Jesus Had Said; Iím Winging My Way Back Hole; When Jesus Comes; Everybody Ought To Know; Way Down Deep In My Soul; He Touched Me; Walking The Sea; Treasures Unknown; A Beautiful Life; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning (Harold Bean, Faye Linthicum, James Hawke, Jay Simmons; musicians: Donnie Younger, Nick Bruno, Bobby All, Eddie Trent, Harold Sproles).
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