James Leon Sego (October 1, 1927 - July 24, 1979)


James Sego began singing as a young teenager with his brother and sister, Lamar and Blondean, in 1941. They were billed as the Sego Family and appeared on WMGA radio in Moultrie, Georgia. By 1946, James and his brothers W R and Lamar had started a quartet they called the Harmony Kings.

James met Naomi Easters of Enigma, Georgia in 1948. They were married the following year, and from that point, Naomi began to occasionally sing with the quartet now known as the Sego Brothers. James and Naomi had two children, Carlton and Ronnie.

In 1958, Naomi joined James and his brothers full-time. With Naomi as a permanent member, they were billed as the Sego Brothers And Naomi.
Over the years, James suffered two major strokes. He passed away in 1979 while undergoing open heart surgery.


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