J Bazzel Mull (October 4, 1914 - September 5, 2006)

J Bazzel Mull was host of The Mull Singing Convention radio and television show in east Tennessee. Recognized by his distinctive gravelly voice, Mull was also a successful concert promoter. Blinded from the age of 11 months, he helped bring national attention to groups such as the Chuck Wagon Gang, the Prophets, and many other groups through his radio & television show and his concert promotions over the years.

The Mull Singing Convention was the longest running independently produced television show in history.

Mull was married to his co-host, Elizabeth Mull, affectionately known to viewers as "Miss Mull" and "Lady Mull."


GMA Hall Of Fame (1998)
SGMA Hall Of Fame (2003)

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