Group Members


Wayne Hilliard
Linda Robinson
Bruce Sofia
Marshall Combs
Eddie Combs

Higher Ground


1972 Higher Ground Singers (Custom Records/100): There Is A River; You Must Live Right; I Shall Never Let Go His Hand; Jesus Medley; No Cross, No Crown; In The Valley; I Should Have Been Crucified; It Will Pass; Lighthouse; Through It All.

1972 Jesus Will Outshine Them All (Message Records/M-1100): Oh What A Happy Day; Heaven Medley; Build My Mansion; Welcome Table; Jesus Will Outshine Them All; Sweet, Sweet Spirit; Joshua; If That Isn't Love; When It's My Time; King Jesus; Because He Lives.

1973 Something Beautiful (Heartwarming Records/R 3252): Higher Ground; In Jesus; When The War Is Over; Keep Your Eyes On Me; Stand By Me; Something Beautiful; Jesus Did It For Me; Touching Jesus; Come And See The Man At The Well; It's About Time.

1974 Leanin' Towards Higher Ground (Superior Records/S-4010): I Am The Reason; The Holy Spirit Is Here; Leanin'; It's Still Real Today; Ten Thousand Years; More Strength, More Grace; I Like What's Happened To Me; I Think He Has The Answer; At The Crossing; Across The Bridge.

1974 Sharing...Live (Impact Records/R 3325): More Strength, More Grace; In Jesus; Come And See The Man At The Well; It's Still Real Today; It's Real; Something Beautiful; One Day I Will; It's About Time; Across The Bridge; Old Rugged Cross On A Hill; Beautiful Scars; He Looked Beyond My Fault; The Walls Came Tumbling Down; Jesus Will Be What Makes It Heaven For Me; There's Something About That Name; It's A Lovely, Lovely Name; Standing Somewhere In The Shadows; My Savior First Of All; The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference; Jesus Is Worthy; My Tribute (To God Be The Glory); The Old Rugged Cross; I Surrender All; All Of Me; Take My Life And Let It Be.

1976 Our Song For Life (Impact Records/R3387): He Only Sees The Blood; The Beautiful Blessing Of Grace; The Spirit Of Praise; I Wish You All Could Know Him; The Storehouse Of Blessing; Somebody Cares; Someday (It May Be Tomorrow); There Is Just No Place Like Home; Higher Ground; Mine Just For The Asking.

1977 Brotherhood (Tempo Records/R-7179): Miracle Of Jesus; Medley: Oh, How He Loves You And Me/Reaching; Thank You, Lord; A Song Was Born, “Praise The Lord”; Goldmine; God Cared Enough; Rejoice!; Surrender Medley: I Surrender All/All Of Me/Take My Life And Let It Be; I Was A Long Way From Home; There’s A Whole Lot Of People Going Home.

1979 Changes (Milk & Honey/MH1022): Love Is The Reason; The Rock; The Highest Praise; I'm Not What I Want To Be; I Can't See Me Servin' Nobody But Jesus; We Are The Band, But He Is The Music; Speak His Name; We'll Be Changed; I've Never Been To Heaven; Jesus Is Lord Of All.

1983 Faithful (Burch Hill Records/BH-0100): It's The Small Things; Who Do You Say That I Am?; Do Unto Others; Follow Me; Holy Ground; How Majestic Is Your Name; Have You Died?; They See God There; Who's Fooling Who?; Share Your Light; Holy Habitation.
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