Glen Bates

Sometimes credited as Glen A Bates.


Glen Bates performed with Willie Wynn And The Tennesseans. He is also a prolific Southern Gospel songwriter. He has penned hundreds of songs, many co-written with Glenn Ashworth, which have been recorded by many Southern Gospel artists through the years.

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

A Little Bit Of What I Got
Always Been Angels
Armed And Dangerous
Be Still And Know
Before The Teardrops Hit The Ground
Borrowed Time
Cross Over Jordan
Did John C U
Do You Know
Everyday Is Christmas
Faith Takes A Stand
Floor Of Faith
Give The Gift
God Can't Remember
God Knows
Good News
He Sees The Cross
Heaven In Sight
He'll Come Walking On Your Water
Here's Your Sign
His Love Amazes Me
Hole In The Sky
Hope Is Alive
I Found A Place
I Pray For Them
I Stand In Awe
I'm Here Because Jesus Went There
If There Had Never Been A Cross
If You Look Real Close
In Remembrance Of The Cross
In The Heat Of The Flames
In The Shelter Of His Hands
It's A Breeze
It's Always Been You
Jesus Is Always Doing Something
Jesus Wake Up
Mercy Always Finds A Way
Mercy River
Mercy Walks A Road
Mothers, Pray For Your Children
My History
My Stupidity
My Tribute To You
Our Souls Will Fly
Over On The Other Side
Reach Out To Jesus
Reason For The Rain
Roll On
Same Kind Of Different
Somebody Soon
Someday Soon
Sovereign Lord
Star Of Heaven
Start A Revival
The Cross Jesus Carried
The Other Side Of Calvary
The Pastor
The Wedding Song
There Is A Hope
There Is An Eye
There's A Difference In The Difference
To Lift Somebody Up
Wait On That Mountain To Move
Wait On The Water To Part
Whale Of A Tale
When The Hammer Struck The Nails
When Those Gates Open Wide
You'd Better Have A Boat

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