"Get Away Jordan"

  • Apostolic Boys (2009 The Live Album)
  • Dixie Echoes (2017 Can't Hardly Wait)
  • Dove Brothers (1999 Sing the Quartet Way; 2002 The Songs We Sing; 2009 Decennial)
  • Ernie Haase And Signature Sound (2007 Get Away Jordan; 2012 California Live - Volume One; 2023 Live In Amsterdam - 20th Anniversary Celebration)
  • Gaither Homecoming Series (2000 Harmony in the Heartland; 2004 Build A Bridge)
  • Palmetto State Quartet (2007 In God We Still Trust)
  • Paul's Journey (2011 A Tribute To The Classics)
  • Statesmen (1959 Get Away Jordan; 1960 On Stage; 1973 In Memory Of "Big Chief" Jim Wetherington and Denver "Crump" Crumpler; 1977 Get Away Jordan; 1985 Faith Unlocks the Door; 1992 Get Away Jordan; 1997 Hovie Lister And The Statesmen)
  • Triumphant Quartet (2002 4 Guys And A Piano Player; 2003 4 Guys And A Piano Player Volumes One And Two)
  • Various Artists (2001 Singing News The Best Of The Best Radio Hits Vol 1; 2001 Just Call It Southern)
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