Freemans, 1989

Group Members

Diane Freeman (1984-1993)
Misty Freeman (1997-Present)

Chris Freeman (1983-Present)

Joe Freeman (1993-Present)

Darrell Freeman (1983-Present)

Eddie Freeman (1983-198?)
Joe Freeman (1984-Present) (Also featured on vocals)

Caylon Freeman (2001-Present)

Position Unknown
Ralph Freeman (1983-198?) (founder)
Wilma Freeman (1983-198?)

The Freemans (1983-Present)

Darrell Freeman began traveling with his family group billed as The Pathways when he was 13 years old. Chris Hawkins got her start singing with the Hinsons where she was voted Queen of Gospel Music in 1976 and 1977. Darrell and Chris eventually married and Chris joined The Pathways. In 1983, The Pathways were rebranded as The Freemans.

Darrell's parents Ralph and Wilma and brother Eddie remained with the group after the name change long enough to record one album before departing. Darrell's cousin Joe Freeman joined the group in 1984 to play keyboard. Chris' sister Diane also joined the group to add a third vocal part. Diane and Joe would eventually marry.

Releasing three albums in the 1980s on the Calvary label and experiencing moderate success with such songs as “Little David” and “Always,” The Freemans briefly recorded at Sonlite label before striking out on their own with Goldenvine Productions. In September of 1991, the group landed their first number one song with “Going Back” from the album of the same name.

Diane eventually left the group to work in the group’s Nashville office, and Joe began to be featured on vocals. The group signed with Daywind Records in the mid-1990s and released four albums under that label. During this time, The Freemans had several charting songs including “He’d Still Been God,” “Children of the Dust,” and the number one song for January of 1997, “Hello In Heaven.”

By the late 1990s, Darrell and Chris' daughter Misty had started singing with the group. Misty would go on to release several solo recordings in addition to recording with her parents. Their son Caylon later joined the group to play drums.


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Also see Misty Freeman for solo projects.

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