Edward F "Eddie" Wallace (1924 - August 5, 2014)


Eddie Wallace was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Euris Alvin and Alice Lena Wallace. After graduating from high school, he attended Georgia Tech. While he was a student there, he joined The Sunshine Boys replacing original baritone Pat Patterson.

The Sunshine Boys had been a country and western group up to this point. Wallace had a gospel musical heritage, so they expanded their repertoire to include gospel music. The Sunshine Boys demonstrated their versatility during these years by performing as two different groups on radio station WAGA. The station needed a Western swing band, so they performed a 15-minute radio show billed as The Light Crust Doughboys with guitars and other instruments. During a commercial break, Wallace would move to the piano and they would do a gospel show billed as The Sunshine Boys.

Within a few years, The Sunshine Boys were appearing in western films with many stars of the day including Eddie Dean, Lash Larue, Smiley Burnette, Charles Starrett, and others. They were also featured singing background vocals on Red Foley’s famous rendition of "Peace in the Valley."

Around 1963, The Sunshine Boys changed their name to The Diplomats. They later added vocalist Kathy Zee. For the next few years, The Diplomats included Wallace (piano), Ace Richman (bass guitar), Woody Woodruff (drums), and Jerry Wallace (lead guitar) with Zee out front on vocals.

After his singing career, Wallace ran B & E Electric Company for 30 years. In later years, Wallace united with Fred Daniel, Bob Shaw, and Jimmy Jones to perform again locally as The Sunshine Boys around Atlanta.


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