Group Members

Kanah Dunaway (1993-Present)

Tammy Dunaway (1993-Present)

Lawayne Rials (2003-2006)

Randall Dunaway (1993-Present)

Dunaways (1993-Present)


1997 My Father's Will (Truth Records/11225): Waiting At The End Of Your Road; My Father's Will; Elijah; All In Love; I Know The Lord Has Been Good To Me; It Don't Matter When You Die; Not Alone; Pure Gold; I Saw The Light; Legacy Of Love. (Marilyn, Tammy, Randall, Kanah).

2002 Born Again Experience (New Day Records): He Kissed My Heartache; I Know Someone Who Can; That Night; I'll Still Be Loving You; Give Me My Mountain; Praying For You; Born Again Experience; He Walked By; With His Arms Wide Open; Filthy Rags. (Kanah, Tammy, Randall).

2003 Beautiful Day (Family Music Group/FMGD2003CD): Beautiful Day; I'll Cry All My Teardrops; God's Not Finished With Me Yet; Calvary Still Touches Me; Cross On The Side Of The Road; Old Country Church; He Answered Your Prayer; I've Drawn The Line; I Still Trust You; God Will Move; Both Ways; Welcome Back The King. (Kanah, Tammy, Randall, Lawayne Rials).

2006 Revival (Zion Music Group/Z305): Praise The Lord; It's All About The Blood; Trial By Fire; Feel The Joy; Let's Do It All Over Again; When Mama's Prayers Are Gone; Call The Name; What God Can't Do; The Ol Warriors Are Praying For Me; Revival Tonight; I Just Came To Talk With You Lord. (Kanah, Tammy, Randall, Lawayne Rials).

2011 It's A God Thing (New Day Records): It's A God Thing; One Hundred Years From Now; I'll Never Let You Go; Too Good To Be True; When There's No Hope, There Is Grace; Don't Start Doubting Now; Didn't I Walk On Water; Made Up Mind; When You Say Jesus; Judgement Day. (Kanah, Tammy, Randall).

2014 Church In The Kitchen (Custom Records): Again And Again; Where Grace Lives; Church In The Kitchen; Mercy Built A Bridge; Reassure Me; Let Go Of This World; Better Than My Best Day; Muddy Mississippi; Somewhere Around The Throne; Your Prayers Were Pulling Me Through; When My Tears Wash The Scars; His Word Is Written In Stone; Never Gonna Give Up On You. (Kanah, Tammy, Randall).

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