David P "Dad" Carter


David P "Dad" Carter was the patriarch and founder of the Chuck Wagon Gang, along with his son and daughters. Like other groups that rose out of the Great Depression, the Carter Quartet was formed by David Carter in 1935 to escape the low-paying, back-breaking work of the cotton fields. Carter was joined in the group by three of his nine children, Effie, Rosa Lola, and Ernest. Under Carter’s guidance, the group signed to record for Columbia the following year.

“Dad,” as he came to be known to listeners, secured the group a spot on WBAP in Fort Worth, TX where they eventually came to be known as the Chuck Wagon Gang. The group would sing on the radio and sell recordings for the next fifteen years before they ventured out to tour.

He sang tenor and bass for the group and also played the mandolin. He was with the group from 1936-1955.


GMA Hall Of Fame (1984)
SGMA Hall Of Fame (1997)

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