Cecil Pollock (circa 1961)

Cecil Pollock (January 31, 1927 - October 24, 2014)


Cecil Pollock got his start at the age of 10 playing piano for his sister's group. After World War II, he studied music at the Stamps-Baxter school in Dallas, Texas. In 1950, he joined Odis Echols And His Melody Boys in Lubbock, Texas. During this same period, Pollock also played with a radio group called the Tennessee Milk Company Quartet. Over the next 3-4 years, Pollock would play for the Imperial Sugar Quartet and for Arnold & Vernon Hyles in the Rangers Quartet. He also played for Ozark Quartet from Wichita Falls.

In 1956, Pollock returned to Dallas, Texas where he went to work in the Stamps Quartet Music Company offices. For the next few years, he played for Frank Stamps & The Stamps Quartet. He also played for the Watchmen while he was based in Dallas, Texas.

Pollock formed a mixed group in 1972 called the Gospel Lights. He also directed music at the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Dallas and played for Calvin Wills & the Wills Family Quartet from 1979-1983.

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