Group Members

(Complete List)
Jimmie Ruth Matthews (1982)

Roy Tremble (1979-1980)
John Cox (1980-1981)

Lorne Matthews (1979-1982)

George Amon Webster (1979-1982)

Lorne Matthews (1979-1982)

The Brothers (1979-1982)


The Brothers were formed in 1979 when a promoter convinced Roy Tremble, Lorne Matthews, and George Amon Webster to leave the Cathedral Quartet and form their own group.

Roy Tremble left the group after one year and was replaced by former Blackwood Brothers tenor John Cox. Cox was replaced by Jimmie Ruth Matthews (wife of Lorne) in early 1982.



1979 Presenting The Brothers (Dove Records DE2509)): Come To The Savior; I Surrender All; Songs Of Praise; Bridge Of Forgiveness; From A Star To Stripes; Dawning; Just The Way You Are; Brother I'm In It; He Loves Me; Holy Is Thy Name. (Roy Tremble, Lorne Matthews, George Amon Webster.

1980 Choices (Impact Records R-3712): Suffer The Children; Dawning; Morning Song; Devil's Secret; He's Still Workin' On Me; Love Smashed Upon The Rocks; Bridge Of Forgiveness; All Things Are Mine; You Wanted Me; Choices. (Roy Tremble, Lorne Matthews, George Amon Webster).

1981 The Calling (Impact Records/R3731): The Calling; Hes Saving The Best For Last; I Will Lift You There; Welcome Home; Following You; Touch Through Me; The Gardener; Greatest Broken Heart; Adopted Son; Vessel Of Mercy. (John Cox, Lorne Matthews, George Amon Webster).

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