Bobby Strickland (1920 - 1953)


Bobby Strickland was a member of the Sand Mountain Quartet in his early years. He went on to sing tenor with the Harmoneers Quartet. He left the Harmoneers to form his own quartet called the Southlanders Quartet in Birmingham in early 1948. Later that year Hovie Lister asked him to become the first tenor of the Statesmen Quartet. Hovie asked Bobby to bring two other singers from the Southlanders to help him complete the Statesmen. Bobby stayed with the Statesmen until 1950. When he left, he still desired a quartet of his own, so he formed the Crusaders Quartet. He managed and sang tenor for the Crusaders until his death in 1953. Strickland was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Associations's Hall of Fame in 2003.


SGMA Hall Of Fame (2003)

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