Alphus LeFevre (March 2, 1912 - December 9, 1988)


Alphus LeFevre first sang in a trio with his older siblings, Urias and Maude. They first sang professionally as the LeFevre Trio in the early 1920s. He and his brother Urias sang with several other groups over the next few years. Ultimately, they formed a new version of the Lefevre Trio in 1934 with Urias’ wife Eva Mae. Alphus arranged music for the trio and was a talented performer, playing a variety of instruments ranging from the guitar to the accordian. They became one of the most recognized family groups in the industry. Alphus continued to perform until the 1970s, retiring a few years before the group name was changed to the Rex Nelon Singers in 1977.

Some time after leaving the group, Alphus LeFevre formed his own group called Uncle Alf And The LeFevres. The group members included his children, Marla and Scott, and his nephew Mike LeFevre. After several personnel changes, the group disbanded in the mid-1980s. Through his group, Alphus introduced Karen Peck and Mike Bowling to the music industry.

He also sang briefly with the V O Stamps Quartet.


GMA Hall Of Fame (1996)
SGMA Hall Of Fame (2002)

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

Close To The Master
Count Me Worthy
I Love Him So
I'll Be Seeing You In Heaven
I'm Gonna Fly
Let Me Tell 'Bout Jesus
Must I Go And Empty Handed
My Heart Is Still Rejoicing
Walking On The Waters

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