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J.Johnson Sisters

Group Members

Mary Johnson (????-????)
Margaret Johnson (????-????)
Judy Johnson (????-????)
Anna Johnson (????-????)

Johnson Sisters (????-????)


Recognized as the "Sweethearts of Gospel Music", the Johnson Sisters embraced a style unlike any other gospel groups of their day. Although their sound is uniquely their own, is akin to that of the popular McGuire Sisters. The original group consisted of Mary, Margaret, Judy and Anna Johnson, daughters of L.C. and Maedeen Johnson. Margaret was seven years younger than Mary. The youngsters in the group, Judy and Anna, are twins born about a year after Margaret. Their brother, Luther, wasn't interested in singing, although he has a very pleasing voice.


1963 Sing Harmony (Sing Records/MFLP-403): Born To Serve The Lord; Haven Of Rest; Sweet Jesus; Win The Lost; My Only Hope; Ten Thousand Angels; Great Day; Close To The Master; If You Want Joy; More Than All; I Met God On A Mountain; Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere.

1964 Peace (Sing Records/MFLP-404): Above All Else; When The Morning Comes; My Truest Friend; Oh Sinner; Peace; Jesus Is The Way Maker; Do Lord; Closer Home; I'm Not Alone; Somewhere Listening; Jesus, I Love Him (More Than Silver); Look For Him.

???? Sweethearts Of Gospel Music (Sing Records/401): Until Tomorrow; He Is There; I Just Steal Away; Hand In Hand With Jesus; He's Not Disappointed In Me; By And By; Only A Look; If You Know The Lord; Great Is The Lord; I Want To Be More Like Jesus; If You Believe; I'll Fly Away. (Mary Johnson, Margaret Johnson; Judy Johnson; Anna Johnson).

1997 Reunion: He Is There (BRG Records): He Is There; If You Want Joy; Caravan Medley; Because Of Him; Win The Lost; He'll Pilot Me; Close To The Master; Uncloudy Day; Great Day; More Than All; My Only Hope; In The Garden; This Little Light Of Mine; If You Know The Lord; I Just Steal Away And Pray; Pass Me Not; I Want To Be More Like Jesus.
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