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G.George Amon Webster

George Amon Webster (December 10, 1945 - September 28, 2013)


George Amon Webster joined the Cathedral Quartet in 1969 as baritone singer and pianist. He left the group in 1971 but returned in 1974 as baritone only. In 1979, a promoter convinced Webster, Cathedrals tenor Roy Tremble, and pianist Lorne Matthews to split with Glen Payne and George Younce and form their own group. The resulting group, The Brothers, lasted until 1981 when it was disbanded.

Webster later joined the Heartland Quartet, which eventually became the George Amon Webster Trio in 2006. He also sang baritone for the Toney Brothers and lead for Three Bridges.

Webster passed away on September 28, 2013 after battling health issues for several years.

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

He Is The Great I Am
He Loves Me
Thanks For Loving Me
We Have A King

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