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Robert Martin Coleman Jones (June 18, 1914 - July 27, 2007)


Bob Jones was a Southern Gospel concert promoter and group owner. He performed with the Stamps Quartet in the late 1940s. Jones is best remembered for the many years he sang lead and baritone with the Songfellows Quartet. He launched the group in 1954. His son joined the group a few years later, and Jones ultimately switched from lead to baritone. The two were billed as Bob Jones Sr. and Bob Jones Jr. despite having different middle names. His son left the Songfellows after a decade or so, but returned in the late 1980s to sing lead and ultimately manage the group. Jones gave his last public performance at the age of 92. He passed away in 2007 at the age of 93.

In addition to singing, Jones, along with his son, organized the Western States Gospel Music Association. He also worked extensively in radio and television.


SGMA Hall Of Fame (2006)

Robert Joseph Jones, Senior (October 6, 1939 - August 7, 2023)


Bob Jones was the son of Bob and Joan Jones. He joined the Songfellows Quartet in the late 1950s where he was professionally billed as Bob Jones Jr. His father was billed as Bob Jones Sr. although the two did not share common middle names. An interesting fact is the younger Jones (billed as Jr.) actually became Robert Jones Sr. upon the birth of his own namesake son.

The younger Bob Jones left the group after a decade or so. While away from the Songfellows, he worked for the Zondervan corporation and was appointed president of the music division after Zondervan purchased Benson Music. He was later an executive for some of the top piano brands in the world including Steinway, Baldwin, and Samick, ultimately rising to the position of President of Samick USA.

Jones returned to sing lead with his father in the Songfellows Quartet in the late 1980s. Jones was a private airplane pilot which allowed him to continue his work in the piano business while resuming his singing career.

Jones eventually began managing the Songfellows which led to a recording contract with Homeland Records. Homeland was owned by [B/Bill Traylor]] who Jones himself had promoted to an executive role while president of the music division at Zondervan. A few years after his father passed away in 2007, Jones was joined in the Songfellows by former Stamps Quartet/Singing Americans baritone Ed Hill. Another Stamps/Singing Americans alumnus, tenor Rick Strickland joined the group a short time later. Jones continued to perform with the group until shortly before his death in 2023.

In addition to singing, Jones and his father organized the Western States Gospel Music Association.

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